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How to get domain name free of cost?

Do I need a domain name?

A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.


In simple terms, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address. For example, typing When you type the name of the address, you will be directed to the website. 


A more detailed explanation:


The Internet is a giant network of computers connected to each other through a global network of cables. Each computer on this network can communicate with other computers.


To identify them, each computer is assigned an IP address. It is a series of numbers that identify a particular computer on the internet. A typical IP address looks like this:


An IP address like this is quite difficult to remember. Imagine if you had to use such numbers to visit all of your websites.


(If you have a more detailed question, you can also get in touch with our senior Network Administrator :D)


Hence, domain names were invented to solve this problem.


Now if you want to visit a website, then you don’t need to enter a long string of numbers. Instead, you can visit it by typing an easy-to-remember domain name in your browser’s address bar. For example,


Therefore, if you want your website, yes, you do need a domain name.


How to get a domain name?

Domain names are available in many different extensions. The most popular one is .com. There are many other options like .org, .net, .tv, .info, .io, and more. However, .com is the most popular domain extension.


Mainly, there are two types of domains:

  • Top-Level Domain (TLD)
  • Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

Top-Level Domain (TLD)

Top-level domain or TLD is generic domain extensions that are listed at the highest level in the domain name system.


There are hundreds of TLDs, but the most popular ones are .com, .org, and .net.


To purchase such domains, you can go to sites like,, and so on. The domain name costs start around $9 and can range uptil much more. The domain name needs to be renewed on a yearly basis or if you can purchase it for certain years.


Don’t forget to renew the domain name as you might lose your domain name.



If the domain name is already taken, you will not be able to purchase it. Therefore, sometimes you would not get the domain name that you have initially wanted. What to do in that case? You can try Country Code Level Domain.


Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

Country-code top-level domain or ccTLD are country-specific domain names that end with country-code extensions like .uk for the United Kingdom, .de for Germany, .np for Nepal.


If you want to buy any website that ends with then you can do it for free of cost. That is right!


STEP 1: Check Availability

First of all, to check the availability of your domain, log in to: 



STEP 2: Register

Click on register now. If you already have an account, then you can sign in, otherwise, you will have to create an account.



STEP 3: Fill the domain request form

Before submitting the request, make sure that your company is registered. You will need to fill in basic information about your company in the form and submit these documents:

  • PAN/ VAT
  • Registration documents
  • Letterhead request letter


BONUS TIP: You can also register a website in your name. For that, you will only need your citizenship for verification.


You are done! You just registered a domain name and that too for free!


If you do not require such hassles, you can always remember Silk Innovation as well. Of course, we will offer this service for free and also provide a .com domain for free for the first year if you purchase our website development package.


Contact us if you require any help or if you are interested in any of our packages. We are always looking forward to helping you grow!