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5 Underrated Digital Wallets in Nepal

We have all heard about digital wallets such as eSewa, Khalti and IME Pay. But what if I told you, there are other unheard digital wallets that are equally as good as the wallets that exist in the market or even better? These digital wallets on our list are deserving of a second look! 

We've got you covered if you're searching through the play store and app store for a perfect digital wallet. Our list of the best underrated digital wallets emphasizes hidden gems that need more attention and may not have been a major hit when they were first launched. 

With so many digital wallets available in Nepal, it's difficult to determine which one is worth choosing, even after scrolling through the options for two hours. Obviously, there are categories for "Critically Acclaimed" and "Popular Now" in the App Store to collect all of their allusions. If you're interested to know about these underrated apps, Nepal has a plethora of underappreciated digital wallets, and here are some of our personal recommendations:

1.      Cell Pay:

CellPay-logo – Yala Wears

Cell Pay is an authorized payment service provider. As an authorized payment service provider, they are responsible for providing users with the best possible services. According to my knowledge of Cell Pay, it differs from other payment apps in that it is simple and appealing. Cellpay's undervaluation stems from their failure to implement an effective marketing plan for their product. They also failed to deliver adequate customer support, which is the primary reason for this digital wallet's downfall. The user has to log in each time they close the system, which will take much longer. But overall, they provide a secure, rapid, and easy means of payment.

2.     dPaisa:

According to the dPaisa, it’s aim is to provide quick services to the urban population along with the rural population of Nepal. dPaisa is a Nepalese online wallet system that allows clients to pay for various utility services for various bill payments, mobile recharges, financial transactions, domestic remittance, shopping, and wallet payments. dPaisa provides the safest and fastest online payment experience. dPaisa is an online payment gateway with an integrated mobile wallet, to capitalize on the growing popularity of online payment methods. Although the system is user friendly, personally for me the orange color used in the branding is a bit bright, especially when we open the app at first. The wallet also has the facilities of loading money from mobile-banking, internet-banking, etc. There are various offers available in dPaisa for the users like cashback in internet bill payment, top-up cash back of 3% and many more.

3.      iCash:

While using iCash digital wallet, I found out that there are payment services available for basic utility payments, hotel bookings, movie and domestic flight tickets, events and many more. Different government bill payments including traffic fine payment can be done using the wallet. As per my knowledge, iCash ensures the security of the users which provide simple and faster payment solutions. Besides this, I found some drawbacks in KYC verification and wallet loading time.

4.      SajiloPay:

SajiloPay Payment Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Nepal Rastra Bank-licensed Payment Service Provider (PSP) that provides integrated digital financial services for quick transactions with enhanced functionality in digital payment infrastructure across multiple channels and platforms. The digital wallet aims to connect the rural economy and support the government policy of making Nepal digital. The wallet is very user friendly and anyone can use it with simple knowledge. This wallet provides the services of remittance too. Due to competition in the market, SajiloPay is not able to expand their services and increase the number of users at the moment.

5.       Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is also known as Kurakani Pay, which is an outdated instant messaging platform that seeks to integrate all of your conversations from multiple social networks, as well as perform other payment and transaction operations. Nimbuzz is underappreciated for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it lags behind PC versions of alternative messaging services such as Telegram, Viber, and the recently launched WhatsApp Web. However, one of the best aspects of this application is that it is Nepal's first Messaging Digital Wallet, which has a huge amount of potential and deserves a second look. The best thing about this application is that you can participate in any chat room or create your own chat room and invite your friends to it. These chat rooms might be confidential or open to the whole public.